Team Tui foyer display!

This term Team Tui are on foyer display! We created a mural that features a harakeke bush crafted out of handmade harakeke flowers, a backdrop of native New Zealand Trees, Tuis of all different colours and designs to represent us and kowhai flowers!

Heres 1/3 of Team Tui in from of their creation…


Straight back into it!!!

We are already at the end of week 2 of term 4! Here’s what Room 4 has been up to for the last 2 weeks 🙂

Team sport with the rest of our team


This term our focus in Te Reo Māori is Taonga Tākaro (traditional Māori game) and using phrases and praises during our sessions. Already we have learnt a game called Horohopu which involves a massive poi called a poi toa.

If you’d like to learn how to play click this link

HARROLD from Life Education!

Last week Mike along with Harrold the Giraffe visited S.A.S. Team tui were lucky enough to have 2 class sessions in the Life Ed truck. Our focus this time was identity, reputation and empathy. We’ve learnt a lot already and are still carrying on this learning in class. Here are a few pics from our lessons…


Last Thursday, the 18th of October at exactly 9:30am was the national earthquake drill. Room 4, as well as the whole school, took part. We all Dropped! Covered! and Held on!

Related image

If you’d like to learn more about out national earthquake drill day, check out this cheeky video 🙂


Watch this space for more updates on our learning, successes and the fun Room 4 gets up to!


ASB Financial literacy

Today Calam from ASB came into our class to teach us about money. We learnt all the ways we could make money. He told us about the 3 things you can do with money- $pend it, $ave it and $hare it.

We learnt the 5 steps to make a business 

  1. Think what are you going to do (the idea)
  2. Cost (how much will I need to spend to start up?)
  3. Price (what will we market our product at?)
  4. Profit (how much are we planning on making)
  5. Where are we going to set up business (where will I make the most money)

Our reflections 

  • I felt it was very interesting, it makes me want to open a bank account- B.R
  • I found out you could get money for free in a bank account. (Interest)- S.P
  • I found it very interesting how he told us how us kids could make money- E.P
  • I liked how he explained how to $AVE $HARE $PEND MONEY- E.G
  • I liked how he taught us what the elephant’s name was Kashin- J.A
  • I like how he taught us about interest- E.M