Parent, child and teacher interviews!


I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to all of the parents/ caregivers/ students that booked in a time to pop in and see me this week. It was fabulous catching up with you all on your child progress, achievements and goals.

Just a reminder that if you ever need to see me, I am available before and after school or via email to discuss any questions, queries or concerns you may have.

Have a great holiday, and I’ll see you all in two weeks!


Basketball Skills

Last Friday, Room 4 was asked to take part in a basketball session. The lesson was led by two of our senior students, Trevor and Seth. They took our entire class through some basketball skills and activities.

Here’s a quick clip of what we got up to,

Multi Sport with Ben!

Last week, the whole Tui Team got together to do Multi-Sport with Ben! We played netball, rugby, soccer, hockey, and basketball. It was very competitive and we loved getting to play lots of different sports with various teams.

You play Multi-Sport by having two teams line up down the end of the long edge of the court. The ref calls a number and that many people from each team race down and touch the fence at the opposite end of the court. While you’re running back the ref will throw a ball in and yell what sport it is. Then it’s all action, as the teams’ race to be the rest to score!

Here are our reflections on the session.

Also here’s a quick clip of the game.

Matariki Hangi

This week to celebrate Matariki, Stanley Avenue will be hosting a ‘Matariki Evening’ on Thursday 21st June at 5.30pm. The evening should finish around 7.30pm.

We will be entertained by our brilliant Kapa Haka Group and will enjoy a scrumptious Hangi meal.

We hope to see all our students, student’s whanau and our wider community there!

Unfortunately, WE HAVE SOLD OUT OF HANGI TICKETS SORRY! But there is always next time!

A huge thanks to Te Puni Kōkiri for funding this event and therefore allowing the proceeds to go towards a new Kapa Haka uniform.

NOTE: The classes have been busy making Matariki displays which will be on display also.



In our class, we have been practising our handwriting through motivational and inspirational quotes, every Monday.

First Miss M models how the writing should look and has it ready on the board with a focus written up. Sometimes we look at the size, slope or where our letters sit on the line. We also get to mark our own work and decided which part of our handwriting best fits the learning focus.

Before we even start handwriting we always get to discuss the quote. We talk about what we think it means, what connections we can make and anything else that pops into our heads.

Here are a few examples of ones we have already done…



Learning about Math through playing, Paper, scissors… ROCK!

This term Room 4 have been investing what data, graphs, questions, statements and statistics have in common and how they are used in everyday life.

We have been playing a few games to practice collecting, recording, displaying and making statistical statements about data. Last week we collected data by playing the great game of paper, scissors, rock. We had to record our data using tally marks then transfer the information into a bar graph. Next, we had to write specific statements about our own collected data. Lots of us were very surprised by the results and how often people in the class didn’t win or lose but drew.

New Zealand Sign Language Week!

This week Room 4 has been challenging themselves to learn some New Zealand Sign Language. So far we have learnt the NZSL Alphabet and how to finger sign our names. Watch this space for videos of our journey in learning New Zealand Sign Language!

Use this resource to learn a little bit about NZSL yourself, because Sign Language is for everyone!

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