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For you to understand what have we being doing

What have we been learning this week?

We have been learning how to make a treaty to make promises to each other.

Why have we been learning to make treaties?

Because we need to make promises so we can make good decisions  towards our learning

What have we been doing during this week?

Spelling sheets that are eight lists long.

Coloring sheets to get us to color.

All about me math

Treaty for Toothless

Nate:  We created a treaty to follow this year in our group. We came up with some ideas to keep the group calm and happy, like we will agree.

Xavier: So it all started when some people wanted pokemon and some people wanted dragons so we did a dragon in a Pokeball. The rules keep the group together.

Levi: I looked on the wide web looking for gifs for our visual treaty. A little while later we got told that it would be printed so I deleted it and replaced it with a normal dog picture.

Colby: We  first started on the Chromebook and wrote the 2 pages and inserted a picture which was so fun.

The Golden Ducks

How did we decide on our promises? 

Tennessa we made it on a google slide first we had to split the promises into separate slides after we added the promises we added all the appropriate pictures we wanted.

Marcus We looked through the stanley ave learner dimensions and got the ideas from there and we picked the ones that we usually do together.

Erik We made the treaty so when we’re in trouble with our learning we can look at the treaty and see what we need to do so our group can work it out.

Penelope We decided to have two so it would be fair. 

Room 5’s Leadership Program

Being active is important to our wellbeing as well as an important part of the school curriculum.

Each week, three students collaborate and choose a new game to learn then teach to the class over a week. These students organise the equipment, and manage from the time we leave the class, until we return. A huge well done to each group of students for stepping up and leading, working together in a group of three and taking on this challenge!

Room 5 Group Treaties

Room 5 started 2022 forming their own groups. First they had to convince Miss Klein that their group could work together effectively and manage their time to ensure all of their learning was completed. This was certainly challenging for some of the groups. Over the first four weeks, each group created a team name, motto and mascot. They worked together to show their personalities. Finally they thought of a variety of treaty promised to remind them of what team work looks and feels like.

What a great start to 2022 Room 5!