Image of the day!

Once a week the first thing we do in the morning is- Image of the Day. This is when we get given an interesting picture to look at and have to discuss what we see with a group. Sometimes we are given questions and sometimes we are free to just have a discussion. We always go over how to politely agree or disagree with others and we brainstorm some sentence stems to help us out.

The last image of the day was this picture…

picture for writing .jpg

We had to answer the following questions in our groups,

  1. What is going on in this picture
  2. What is in the picture makes you say that
  3. What else can you tell me about this picture

Here are some photos of us doing just that…

Sending Love!

This term Team Tui took part in an NZ-wide initiative whereby people (anyone in NZ) makes and writes Christmas cards, which are then distributed to those who may be alone over the festive period.

Last year, the project (Sending Love) spontaneously started when a 5-year-old son wrote a card for a stranger in a rest home who would not receive any visitors or cards – when they realised how large the need was (in many cases, 50% of residents) they reached out to the wider community and within 5-weeks had received 32,000 cards from across NZ to distributed to those who needed a bit of love at Christmas.

Want to find out more?

Here are a few pics to showcase some of the cards Room 4 made!

Quotes from homes who received cards last year…

“Just to let you know, we received our cards. We asked for 30 and got 62!!! This means all of our residents will be receiving one!! I am sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks, these cards are just beautiful. We received some from Special Needs students and Day Care centres amoungs many others, they really got the tears rolling! What a wonderful country we live in to have such a fantastic response to this initiative.”

“Thank-you so very much for your recently received parcel of Christmas cards for our residents; they were received with much happiness and a few tears. We have a number of residents with no family who often receive no Christmas cards and I am sure they feel sad and lonely about that – well, not this year!”

“How can we thank-you enough. It has brought much joy to our rest home. Its almost like a beautiful child materialised in front of our residents. They hardly ever see children let alone receive such lovely personal communication, artwork and stories. WOW what a warmth to the soul and a twinkle in the eye it created.”

Team Tui foyer display!

This term Team Tui are on foyer display! We created a mural that features a harakeke bush crafted out of handmade harakeke flowers, a backdrop of native New Zealand Trees, Tuis of all different colours and designs to represent us and kowhai flowers!

Heres 1/3 of Team Tui in from of their creation…